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This repository acts as a minimal set of dotfiles that require (hopefully) no installation needs/dependencies to maximize portability across servers that I work on with and without administrative rights. Also should work on all linux distributions. Tested on Ubuntu, RHEL7, RHEL8, Centos7, Arch Linux.



  • git
  • make


~$ git clone https://git.mehalter.com/mehalter/server-dots.git
~$ cd server-dots


Initial set up to automate the whole set up process except tmux which requires manual choice. (NOTE: This should only be run the first time as fzf complains if it already exists, use specific application targets to do updates)

~$ make install

(Log out/log in needed for all changes to take effect)


Set up bash configuration and aliases

~$ make bash

(Log out/log in needed for all changes to take effect)

Starship Prompt

Set up starship prompt for shells

~$ make starship


Set up fzf for command line fuzzy finding (git is needed for this install)

~$ make fzf


Set up tmux configuration. Centos/RHEL repositories have up to tmux-1.8, so I have included a configuration file for both <2.0 and ≥2.0. Change tmuxN to either tmux1 (<2.0) or tmux3 (≥2.0)

~$ make tmuxN


Set up vim configuration files

~$ make vim

If git is not available or you don't want to use plug-ins, you can also use

~$ make vim-noplug

SSH Keys

Add all public keys (.pub) in ssh/ to ~/.ssh/authorized_keys

~$ make ssh

(fork this repository and place your own .pub files in the ssh folder)

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